Denver Business Journal honors Limina with 2019 Small Business Award

by Jon Fukuda

Winning an award is always a gratifying feeling, especially when you’ve worked very hard to earn it.

Limina has been honored as a top Small Business in the Denver Business Journal 2019 Small Business Awards. It was exciting to be honored at the awards reception on May 15th where the company rankings were revealed and to see our company featured in a special section of the Denver Business Journal along with an in-depth Q&A with Limina.

Limina won this award based on several factors, including our financial performance, historical achievements, contributions to the industry, contributions to the local economy and potential to shape metro Denver’s business community.


This accolade is the result of many years of collaborative work with our Fortune 500 and government agency clients as well as our partners. We’re grateful to all of the incredible people and companies who have helped us along our journey to winning the Denver Business Journal’s 2019 Small Business Award, which recognizes excellence among entrepreneurs and small businesses in metro Denver.

To back up a little, if you’re not familiar with Limina, we are a user experience (UX) and technical design consultancy headquartered in Colorado. We help startups, large enterprises, and government agencies – simplify complex human-to-computer interactions and create excellent online experiences. Whether the project is a complex website, web app, or intranet – we make it easy to use and navigate through researching end-user customers’ needs to make their online interactions more seamless.

For an inside peek at the company, here are some of the highlights:

Our Work

One example of Limina’s work is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). We performed a strategic redesign of their digital infrastructure – leading with UX. The genesis of this initiative was driven by a need to revamp a public website (, but upon closer inspection, it was clear that a new paradigm of content collaboration, production, and management were necessary to support both the needs of the FWS employees and the citizens who interact with FWS content and services. Limina is working with FWS to also revamp its internal collaboration and communication system. See more about our clients.

Event Participation

Limina contributes to both the local Longmont and Denver business community and the global user experience community by offering Design Sprint facilitation programs to 10.10.10, a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center; designing, sponsoring and contributing to events, including hosting our own World Usability Day event.

Providing Insight

Limina provides insight, advice, and expertise to local, national and global newspapers and magazines sharing thought leadership in the UX space. For a sampling of our industry insight, check out these articles:

Limina’s Vision

We are looking longer term at our industry, not just through the optimization of human-centered software design, but growing into a role to help mature the UX industry overall and move it forward. To gain a more precise understanding of the UX and design challenges facing businesses today, Limina is conducting in-depth research of 100+ U.S. companies to evaluate UX design maturity in terms of strategy, capabilities, and culture. This research will reveal a wide range of UX design performance in today’s organizations and will provide a path to UX maturity. We will be launching an industry research division to analyze market and industry trends and to provide reports and consulting services to other software design firms. We will also be releasing a suite of tools to drive systems definition and design management through the software development lifecycle with an emphasis on smoothing communication and collaboration between business analysts, UX practitioners, and technologists. Stay tuned …

Growth and Expansion

As Limina looks ahead, the company will continue to expand in the Denver and Longmont area. We plan for aggressive revenue growth and new employees over the next five years. Limina will be hiring sales representatives, customer support representatives, data scientists, and seeking partnerships with call centers as the business grows. Keep an eye on our Careers page!