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Welcome to our Thought Leadership and Resources section—your go-to resource for expert insights, innovative ideas, and practical tools in UX design, design operations, and digital accessibility. Dive into our thought leadership articles, digital transformation podcast, UX playbooks, and curated resources to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital world. Explore, learn, and transform your approach with the latest information and best practices from our seasoned UX and DesignOps professionals.

Leading through design intelligence

As designers and design leaders, we know that our work is complex. But we can manage that complexity head-on through thoughtful design planning and management. Learn about how Limina uses design intelligence to manage informed design with our new tool, TraxDM.

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Limina UX Evaluation Dashboards

The Limina Podcast

The Limina Podcast is dedicated to discussions on human-centered digital transformation. Catch us each month as we speak with leaders across the industry who contribute to human-centered digital transformation.

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Tools and Resources

Whether you’re looking to partner with us or simply seeking expert advice, our mission is to advance the field of UX and improve user experiences everywhere. Dive into our carefully curated tools and resources to help empower your teams and elevate UX practices within your organization. Resources include:

  • Tools for planning
  • Reports
  • Webinars
  • Plays from our Playbook
  • Accessibility resources
  • More
Tools and Resources

Digital Accessibility Resources

Digital accessibility ensures everyone, regardless of ability, can access and use information online. It’s also good business. At Limina, we believe exceptional UX goes beyond functionality. It’s about creating experiences that are accessible, inclusive, and supportive to all users. As part of that mission, we’ve curated a set of digital accessibility tools and resources, some from Limina and some not, to help your organization level-up your understanding of digital accessibility and how to get the expert support your team needs to achieve your accessibility goals.

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Accessibility Resources

Access our curated list of resources to support your digital accessibility iniatives.

Accessibility Resources
Illustration of an open book with A and Z and the digital accessibility icon

Accessibility Glossary

This glossary provides clear definitions for key accessibility terms, with additional guidance.

Accessibility Glossary
Illustration of a person filling out a tabular tool for accessibility effort estimation and planning

Accessibility Planning

Download our Effort Planning tool to understand your accessibility needs better and create informed RFPs.

Accessibility Planning Tool

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