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The Design-Integration Report

In our latest UX Design study, we found that 86% of companies fail to integrate design across the organization, forfeiting business benefits. Get the E-Book to learn more about the study, and to see the six best practices for creating a design-integrated business.


Remote DesignOps Survey

How has remote collaboration been stress-testing the tools we use to manage cross-functional software design and development teams? Have our tools been successful? Where are the problems, successes, and opportunities for gains in efficiency and quality? By participating in this survey, you will receive a copy of the survey results and our Remote collaboration DesignOps best practice guide!

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Throughout the year members of the Limina are invited to interviews and discussions on UX / Design / Startup-related podcasts.  As we build expertise to advance our field, it’s important to engage with the broader UX community and share our insights. Catch some of the episodes here.

If you host a UX virtual forum, meetups, or podcasts – feel free to reach out and schedule a talk!

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