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This podcast is dedicated to discussions on human-centered digital transformation. Each episode features guest speakers who discuss various approaches, methods, and areas of expertise to ensure successful digital transformation for enterprise organizations, employees, and customers. While many of the conversations highlight various aspects of human-centered research and design to drive innovation and operational success, the conversations are geared toward providing insights and leadership strategies for leaders in digital product and service organizations to successfully integrate human-centricity into our ever-increasing digital future.

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Latest Episode - Cory Lebson on User Research

In this episode, we dive into the UX research journey with Cory Lebson. From the early days of usability testing in the ’90s to the present, Cory reflects on the evolution of the field and its global impact. Discover the profound technological shifts that have sparked new beginnings and challenges, and explore the enduring importance of UX research. Uncover the art of balancing generative and summative research for product innovation and gain insights into the critical role of effective project management in driving success.

Key Take Aways

  • Evolution of UX Research: Cory’s journey began in the early ’90s, before UX was even a term, as he delved into usability testing and human factors.
  • Global Impact: Witnessing the exponential growth of UX professionals worldwide, Cory reflects on the profession’s global nature and consistent practices across cultures.
  • Adapting to New Technologies: Cory highlights how each technological advancement triggers new beginnings in UX, emphasizing the need to reimagine approaches and methodologies continually.
  • Balancing Generative and Summative Research: Cory discusses the importance of both generative and summative research approaches, with a focus on iterative improvement and creative recommendations.
  • Role of Effective Project Management: Cory underscores the crucial role of effective project management in synthesizing diverse inputs and driving success, highlighting the value of clarity in research objectives and methodologies.

Episode 10 - Stark AccessibilityOps with Cat Noone

In this episode, we’re joined by Cat Noone, CEO of Stark, a startup transforming digital accessibility. From her background in special education to creating industry-leading accessibility solutions for Adobe and Disney and beyond, Cat brings a unique perspective to the table.

Tune in as we discuss Stark’s mission, the challenges of integrating accessibility into product development, and the future of inclusive design. Whether you’re a designer or a tech enthusiast, this conversation with Cat is sure to inspire. Don’t miss it!

Key Take Aways

  • Cat Noone’s Inspirational Journey: From product designer to CEO, Cat’s passion for inclusive experiences emphasizes the importance of design in product development.
  • Operationalizing Accessibility: Stark moves beyond providing insights to designing compliance centers, crucial for demonstrating progress toward accessibility compliance.
  • Innovation and Adaptation: Stark’s cautious approach to emerging technologies underscores the importance of thoughtful consideration and market observation.
  • Framework for Future Technologies: Stark aims to create a platform enabling the building of accessible products for emerging technologies, ensuring readiness for future innovations.
  • Impact of Accessibility: Highlighting the significant market size and economic potential of accessibility, Stark aims to bridge the gap between technology and individuals with disabilities, contributing to global systems change.

Website: www.getstark.co

Stark WCAG Resource: The WCAG Explained

LinkedIn: /in/catnoone/

Twitter: @imcatnoone

Blog: heyimcat.com

Episode 9 - Design at Scale with Dan Mall

In this episode, Scaling Design Systems for Digital Transformation, Jon and Dan explore the multifaceted world of design systems, delving into challenges, priorities, and experiences in both consumer-facing and internal business contexts.

Dan covers the significance of design systems in achieving design maturity at scale with insights from his latest book, “Design That Scales.”

They discuss creative approaches in digital transformation, challenges in scaling design, and the importance of addressing internal systems impacting user experience.

Key Take Aways

  • The need for a flexible and pragmatic approach to design systems
  • The importance of diverse skills and representation in design teams
  • The nuanced nature of working with C-suite members.
  • The role of AI in design systems, managing ego and toxicity, and the critical aspects of governance and operational flow

Dive into practical insights, debunked misconceptions, and valuable perspectives for navigating the complex landscape of design systems.

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