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We champion better experiences. Whether you’re considering a partnership or just seeking guidance, we’re dedicated to advancing the industry and enhancing user experiences for all. Explore our tools and resources to empower your teams and elevate UX practices at your organization.

Illustration of the digital accessibility effort planning tool/workbook with headshots of Maria Taylor and Ellie Krysl as hosts


Understand Your Accessibility Needs

Crafting an effective Digital Accessibility work request can be difficult when you're not a digital accessibility expertise yourself. We created the eAccessibility Effort Planning Workbook to simplify the process, helping you gather the right information to understand the audit and remediation work your organization needs.


Become a Design-Integrated Business

Design-integrated businesses see greater success, but our latest study found 86% of companies fail to integrate design across their organization, missing out on major business benefits. Download our E-Book report to delve into the study and uncover six best practices to integrate design in your organization.

Limina Ebook Design integration report
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Level up your org's UX with our plays

Access our practical guides for conducting effective design reviews and building a team feedback loop. These expert-backed plays are a valuable step towards crafting a repeatable practice of exceptional user experiences.

Screenshot of Limina's free Introduction to audience segmentation on-demand webinar video


Leverage Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation and the insights that it can provide are relevant to research, design, development, marketing, and business strategy. This intro video is for anyone wanting to better understand audience segmentation and how to include or improve it within your organization.

Resource Spotlight

Explore these three accessibility tools and resources to to boost your organization's inclusivity initiatives.

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Accessibility Resources

Access our curated list of resources to support your digital accessibility iniatives.

Accessibility Resources
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Accessibility Glossary

This glossary provides clear definitions for key accessibility terms, with additional guidance.

Accessibility Glossary
Illustration of a person filling out a tabular tool for accessibility effort estimation and planning

Accessibility Planning

Download our Effort Planning tool to understand your accessibility needs better and create informed RFPs.

Accessibility Planning Tool

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