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Introduction to Audience Segmentation

With Ellie Krysl, Design Discipline Lead at Limina

Screenshot of intro to audience segmentation video with photo of speak, a smiling woman with blond hair

Four audience segment avatars, each with different attributes

In this Video

This video covers what audience segmentation is from the lens of user experience and introduces:

  • How segmentation is determined
  • How segmentation can help you reach your users and your business goals
  • How organizations should learn, capture, and manage audience segmentation information
  • And the different levels audience segmentation can be organized and utilized which includes personas

Audience Segmentation is Relevant to All

Audience segmentation and the insights that it can provide are relevant to many role areas including research, design, development, marketing, and business strategy. This intro video is for anyone wanting to better understand audience segmentation and how to include or improve it within your organization.


Venn diagram showing how customer segmentation and user segmentation overlap but are different. Customer segmentation helps sell to buyers while user segmentation helps provide good UX

Abstract examples of a user segmentation profile and a behavior diagram that compares behaviors across segments

Why It Matters

When your organization better understands your users, you can provide more value you know they care about and do it with less risk. Audience segmentation also surfaces opportunities to meet business goals with greater confidence.

If you want to learn how to better understand your users and then leverage that info to serve both your users and your business, then this is the video for you.

Limina is Here to Help

If you have questions or are interested in working with Limina to establish or improve audience segmentation at your organization please feel free to contact us

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