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Welcome to Limina’s Digital Accessibility Resources page. At Limina, we are dedicated to making digital experiences accessible to everyone. This page offers a valuable starting point, providing a collection of insightful articles, practical tutorials, and up-to-date guidelines to help you understand what digital accessibility entails. Our curated resources are designed to give you a strong foundation in accessibility best practices and standards. Whether you are a developer, designer, or business owner, explore our content to gain the knowledge and tools you need to begin creating inclusive digital environments.

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Laws & Standards

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG or double U Cag) by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provide direction and testable success criteria to create and measure digital accessibility.

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Revised Section 508, of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act

Section 508, specifically the revised Section 508, is part of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act that requires all Federal electronic content to be accessible. This includes organizations that accept federal funding.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA prohibits discriminatory lack of access for individuals with disabilities to goods and public services and public accommodations in which the Department Of Justice includes internet and website offerings

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EN 301 549

EN 301 549 is a European standard for digital accessibility that specifies requirements for information and communication technology which essentially includes every digital product like cell phones, ATMs, websites, software, digital documents, and assets. The EN 301 549 is used by the European Union

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Learning Materials

Courses and Training



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Extensions and plugins

Applications and online tools

Operation System Accessibility Features

Did you know that automated accessibility testing tools alone can only identify up to half of the accessibility issues present? That's why it is important to test with real users.



Limina has been awarded a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement by the State of Colorado’s Office of Information Technology to support your digital accessibility goals by providing digital product and site remediation services, development services and accessibility training.

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