Limina Spotlight

Dan Hartman

Every so often we will post an employee spotlight to highlight members of our team – Enjoy!

What is your title or role on the team?

I am a Sr. Project Manager at Limina

What do you do at work on a given day and what in your career led you to the company?

I spend the majority of my time on business development, project delivery, and client relationship management. I ended up at Limina because I wanted to learn more about UX. Throughout my career, it has always been exciting to see the weeks or months of work spent establishing project/product goals, requirements, etc, come to life in wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Also, I learned that a product or project’s success is highly dependent on creating easy-to-use and engaging systems. Finally, I appreciate the artistry and creativity of UX design. All those reasons drove me to UX, and I was intrigued with Limina because of its mission, people, and small business stature.

Where do you live and work remotely from?

Thornton, CO – a central location for my family, as it is equidistant from Longmont (where Limina is based and I have family), Denver, and the airport.

What motivates you in your work, and how has working at Limina benefited you personally and professionally?

What motivates me is supporting clients in developing solutions that their customers love and supporting business goals, which in turn helps make our stakeholders successful. I’ve benefited personally by creating friendships with good people and professionally by learning about research, UX, and what it takes to be part of a small business.

Which of Limina's core values resonates with you most, and why?

It’s hard to choose one, but I’ll go with Stewardship. Everyone at Limina acknowledges our clients entrust us with their core strategic projects and products. We take that seriously. As a result, we always go above and beyond what is necessary, fitting in as much as we can with the target budget and timeline, and fighting for what we believe is best for our clients.

Tell us about your family and any pets.

My wife and I moved to Colorado in 2017, following a dream of mine to live in Colorado – I often visited family here as a kid and was always in awe of its beauty and way of living. We brought our dog, Mollie, a border collie mutt approaching ten years old, and then had our daughter, Sophie, who is now two years old.

Dan and family

Dan with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Sophie, outside of Martin Guitar museum in Nazareth, PA.

Dan’s dog, Mollie, a 10-year-old border collie mutt. Mollie is a very stoic, independent, but loving pup

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend (hobbies, routines, rituals)?

Catching up with family or friends with a pint at a local brewery, seeing my daughter learn and have fun at familiar playgrounds or new experiences, golfing, exploring new towns in the mountains, and/or getting in a run.

Dan and Family

Dan with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Sophie, at Vicious Cycle Brewing in Fraser, CO.

Dan with his wife, Sarah, and dog, Mollie, hiking.

Dan with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Sophie

Dan with his daughter, Sophie, picking out pumpkins to carve.

What is something people are often surprised to learn about you?

Although I’m just a “dorky” project manager (instead of a creative designer), I, too, have a creative side – I like to play guitar and draw.

Any other fun facts about yourself?

I’m a big fan of Stephen King’s books. I try to read at least one of his books each year. He can draw me in more than any other author. I highly suggest reading one of his books or starting the Dark Tower series if you’re willing to dive in deep.

Dan with his daughter, Sophie, at her birthday party.

Dan and Mollie

Dan with Mollie


Dan’s daughter, Sophie

Thank you Dan!

You have brought a lot of positive impact to Limina’s project and process management, including but not limited to tooling, documentation, templates, and automation. On behalf of our team, and our clients – thank you for your steady leadership!

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