Longmont Startup Week - Design Track

Do you live or work in the Longmont, Boulder, or Denver area? If so, mark your calendars for Longmont Startup Week July 23-27.

This is more than just a conference; it’s a celebration of our startup community and Limina is both a sponsor and presenter during the week. Techstars Startup Week ™ and the Longmont Economic Development Partnership are bringing entrepreneurs, local leaders, investors, mentors, product designers, engineers, and friends together to build momentum and opportunity around Longmont’s unique entrepreneurial identity.

You can choose the events you would like to attend at various venues across the city. The theme for Longmont Startup Week 2018 is “Smarter. Together.” and will highlight Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for civic innovation.

All events are FREE, but we encourage you to sign up in advance on the website (click “Join In”), as seats are limited. Check out the full schedule.

Limina is proud to sponsor the UX Design Track (yellow on the schedule), and we’d particularly like to highlight these sessions where you’ll have a chance to hear from Limina:

Monday, July 23

  • 10:30 amCross-Cultural, Multilingual and Localized Design
    This panel will introduce evidence, research and field experiences on how people from different cultures, languages and places may interact with digital products and services differently through real-world examples of successes and failures.

Tuesday, July 24

  •  8:00 amDesign Sprint Method
    This workshop will provide an opportunity to test-drive the Google Venture-style Design Sprint Method.
  • 4:15 – Introducing Design to Dev Culture
    Bringing the design process to a traditionally developer-led organization can be a huge challenge. Established processes and cultures affect how broadly design can be applied, how user feedback is incorporated, and how successful a design effort will ultimately be.
  • 5:45 pmLimina Presents: The LSW’18 Design Battle
    Who will be the last designer left standing? This design battle will provide a series of design challenges of increasing time constraints and/or difficulty. Drinks and a DJ will add to the fun! Sign up if you’re interested in battling it out!

Wednesday, July 25

  • 4:15 – Lean Manufacturing
    What is Lean Manufacturing? Well, the core idea of lean manufacturing is actually quite simple…relentlessly work on eliminating waste from the manufacturing process.
    So what is waste? Waste is defined as any activity that does not add value from the customer’s perspective. According to research conducted by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC), fully 60% of production activities in a typical manufacturing operation are waste – they add no value at all for the customer.
  • 5:45 pmDesigner / Startup Speed Networking
    Sign up for this speed networking events between designers and startups!

Thursday, July 26

If you can’t join us in person, we’d still like to share Longmont Startup week with you, so please follow LiminaUX on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram – the event hash tag is #LSW18.

Also, if you’re particularly interested in one of the topics we’re discussing here, please shoot me an email at jfukuda@limina.co and we can connect before, during or after the event.