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Windows OS, Desktop Software


End User Browser Protection



Limina was tasked to take the product out of beta for a bold market release. Our expert UI evaluation provided a roadmap for custom UI design enhancements to deliver both ease of use and visual impact.  The key challenge was to differentiate their solution from the standard security frameworks which only block known threats – where Invincea provides the secure environment for threats to take place without any risk to the host environment.


Our observation and analysis phase consisted of an expert UI evaluation, stakeholder workshops, brand analysis and an information design audit.  While in private beta, the product could afford a looser approach to UX/UI design, this lead to a string of inconsistencies in the product taxonomy, threat status communication and seamless user feedback through the threat detection and remediation lifecycle.

The UI, brand and taxonomy analysis provided a broad spectrum of enhancement opportunities.  We used stakeholder workshops to prioritize and triage for sprint planning and release management.


Our analysis lead to a series of UI design enhancements which we collaborated on with the Invincea engineering team.  We covered everything from product branding, workflow and interaction modeling, dialogs, taskbar, toast notifications, and icon design.


Our relationship with Invincea spanned six years which allowed us to continue to support product enhancements, feature definition and design. Which led the not only 3 generations of product design, but also the collaboration on the natural evolution of the product into enterprise management and support systems.


Our final UI designs lead to an OEM contract to pre-install Invincea on Dell Small/Medium Business procurement contracts.