Cyber Security, Threat Detection, Business Intelligence


Network, Web Application


Threat Dashboard, Configuration Management, Reporting



After Invincea’s successful collaboration with Limina on the end-client application.  Their customer’s immediately asked for a means by which to monitor and manage a deployment of their solution across an enterprise scale organization.  The product management and engineering team had anticipated this and had already worked up a python prototype.  Our team was asked to review the prototype and provide an end to end user experience for security officers.


Our observation and analysis period was abbreviated due to our familiarity with the product features.  We worked directly with product management and marketing to gather requirements for the necessary features.  We iterated through the design in alignment with Invincea’s product sprints, making sure the team had the schematics and assets to implement our designs.


The Invincea Management Console went through a series of releases, our team was responsible for the user experience of the initial release as well as a UX overhaul and feature enhancement release after initial rounds of feedback came through from the customer base.  The console provided dashboard monitoring views, enterprise configuration management, and threat monitoring and analysis.


The second incarnation of the management console included some more advanced features that allowed for deployment upgrades and 3rd party plugins as well as a full UX makeover.


In today’s cyber-warfare ridden environment, users of the Invincea platform can rest easy that inbound attacks are easily captured and remediated with little to no harm at an enterprise scale.  The management console is the best way to monitor and manage cyber threats with minimal, if any, involvement or awareness from their end users.