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Airbox Television is a dynamic unit within ION Media Networks that is focused on building a new business around premium pay television with a low cost subscription and pay as you go models.


The challenge of creating Airbox’s ecommerce platform was three fold. First consumer facing website had to explain how the innovative payment options work as well as show the different content they could buy and payment systems optimized for a cash economy. Next, the site and content needed to be optimized for mobile as much of the audience did not own laptops or desktops. Finally, we also needed to build the backend infrastructure and interfaces for employees to load value into users’ accounts, which could also be used in many contexts or devices.


Working with members from the Promet team, we led the client through a series of branding, technical, business and user requirements gathering workshops to build the feature backlog.  Once we prioritized the features and user stories into sprints, we dug into the workflows and wireframes to validate with the stakeholders.


When defining a custom service which hasn’t had any existing models to work from, it takes critical thinking about the user experience to ensure your users are kept on track throughout the process. Limina worked through rationalizing out of the box Drupal workflows for the integrated modules and packaged up a streamlined interaction to maximize checkout completion.

In our wireframing we strip out the visual noise and focus on the critical pieces of information or key actions required for the user and consider the layout, placement, and order of importance/emphasis based on priority.
Once we locked on to a single visual design direction, we didn’t create mockups for every page, which would be costly both in time and money. Instead we defined pages in terms of templates which cover the full variety of layouts and user interface components and elements. The full set of UI design specifications are compiled in a composite photoshop file for developers to use throughout the development process.

  • Interaction Design/Wireframes
  • Visual Design Mockups
  • Custom CMS Theming
  • Custom Open Source Modules
  • Custom Graphics


After delivering the wireframes and mockups Limina stayed on to make sure that the designs were implemented according to spec and to deal with any new usability issues that arose.

  • Production Assets
  • Systems Integrationn
  • Production Management
  • Post-Release Optimization