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From the most prestigious, award-winning productions to music and movies made at home, Avid creates the technology that people use to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. For more than 25 years, their innovative digital audio and video solutions have empowered people to achieve their creative visions, however they define them. Today, the media created by Avid customers touches millions of people around the world.


In response to customer feedback to improve, Avid sought Limina’s customer research and web user experience expertise to assess the site, recommend short term changes to improve customer experience, and lead requirements gathering for redesign ideas which would require more significant time and effort.

Limina was engaged by executive management at Avid Technologies to provide user experience strategy and user centered design best practice for We conducted a review of their newly consolidated website that hadn’t produced the results they were expecting. We also conducted a series of user interviews to build a greater understanding of their customers and behavior patterns. In addition to providing tactical support, we led a series of requirements gathering and experience mapping workshops and delivered a comprehensive vision for the evolution of Throughout the process, Limina worked with key Avid personnel to integrate usability and user centered design principles and best practices into their design and development process.


Our persona documentation gave the marketing and web design team the underpinnings necessary to validate design direction and a sound rationale both for and against a wide variety of feature sets.

This project occurred at the advent of the mega-menu and it was a great candidate for subdividing and creating multiple pathways to finding products, support and information based on the end users mental model of the company.


The model we proposed allowed for entry by category, product,  solution, support, or community.  We conducted quantitative user tests on a variety of models and we able to make a sound and compelling recommendation for the most optimal solution.

In addition to the navigational model, we provided user experience enhancement recommendations via wireframes to demonstrate the full solution of supporting a variety of customer personas through their vast catalog of products, patches, support documentation, community forums and user manuals.

  • Moodboards
  • Visual Concepts
  • Wireframing


To close out the engagement, we talked about how to leverage their well documented interactive design guidelines to accommodate the new user experience enhancements.  We produced mockups to illustrate the revisions and impact to their existing design.