Campus Security



Countercepts EVE EMC is an emergency management solution that provides situation awareness, facility management, mobile alerts, multi-channel mass notification, and powerful reporting features.


The Countercepts team invited Limina to review their EVE Campus Security application to identify UX enhancement opportunities and re-envision their system.


In this engagement we conducted an expert ui evaluation and spoke with the product stakeholders to get a sense of the business cases, target audiences, system features and user goals.  Based on our inputs we restructured the system architecture to better assist users in discrete workflows and provided a dashboard for accessing and monitoring tasks.

Our feature matrix helped encapsulate the full breadth of features, provide technical, business and user weighting to prioritize the design and development backlog.

We use this tool in all of our application design engagements to build consensus and shared understanding of scope and priority.


We used user journeys to show how the system could be used and to describe what features would be access from where.


Our visual design helped bring the product vision to life. Using InVision App, we were able to provide click through demo’s for the client to show at conferences and to investors.

Our mockups were used to think through complex and nuanced interactions particular to this application and it’s end users.