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ProfolioED, LLC of Leesburg, Georgia was organized for the purpose of developing, launching and growing the most responsive technology tools for teachers and students. With a focus on the middle level educator, ProfolioED, LLC seeks to develop practical applications to meet the needs of the educators. ProfolioED, LLC provides hands-on coaching for teachers on motivating students, and consulting services for building best practices in positive behavior incentives, bullying prevention and student-led conferencing. ProfolioED is owned by Lee County Georgia District Teacher of the Year and LCMS East Teacher of the Year, Laura Penrod Stock, MPA, MSEDL and Anthony Michael Kempisty, Director of Marketing and Business Development, R&R Rehabilitation, Inc. Stock and Kempisty have over 50 years combined experience in delivering quality services and products across all three economic sectors.

With an intense focus on advancing the use of technology to improve the teacher-student-parent relationship, ProfolioED, LLC believe that student achievement and engagement will increase while reductions in negative school climate characteristics, like bullying, will be realized as a result of Meego™.


As schools transition from physical (handouts, poster-boards, binders, etc.) to digital artifacts including video and images, they are faced with a myriad of disjointed and partial solutions technology platforms.  Google Classroom is roughly Google Docs with classroom permissions.  And the list of familiar Schoology, Blackboard, InfiniteCampus and the like are too broadly focused and losing sight of an essential capability – student focus.  

Meego’s core use-case focuses on Student Led Conference portfolio management, presentation and achievement awareness.  This case study will lead you through our journey to a true innovation in Teacher, Student and Parental collaboration.


When Limina joined the Meego project, an unthemed Drupal prototype had been structured to outline the functional scope of the platform.  Our team immediately conducted a an expert UI evaluation to break down the workflows, features and interactions into functional requirements.
We conducted a series of stakeholder workshops to finalize the product backlog and to lay the foundation for brand vision and UI design concepts.

  • UX Strategy Workshops
  • Expert UI Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Branding Analysis


While finalizing the feature prioritization for the Meego MVP, our team worked closely with client stakeholders to build the brand promise and vision through our Brand Questionnaire and workshops, Moodboard iterations and Visual concepts for the product brochure and application design.

We continued to leverage Drupal to build the infrastructure for the platform, building complex permissions for access and security as well as content management and commenting privileges based on institution, class, family and teacher relationships.  

We built a portfolio canvas and editing tools inspired by professional tools for the visual communications industry.  We build in social media inspired commenting and push notifications for teachers, students and parents keep track of progress and project status.
Our design and development process was managed in Jira for continuous design and development.

  • Moodboards
  • Visual Concepts
  • Wireframing
  • Sprint Planning and Management
  • UI Styleguide
  • Technical Architecture
  • Integration Planning
  • Drupal Site Building & Theming


Limina continues to support ProFolio’s success in the marketplace.  As the Platform gains adoption in schools across the country, Limina works with the key stakeholders to manage feedback through to solution implementation.


  • Feedback Monitoring
  • Feature Definition
  • Drupal Development
  • Support & Maintenance


Meego is a great example of when the passion of the client is shared by the UX design and development team to build an inspirational product that is geared towards enhancing the lives of teachers, students and families.   

The success of the platform adoption is a testament to the team’s due diligence to provide a holistic experience considering the full lifecycle of educational artifacts as they pass from teacher to student and back and are shared with families.

What a fabulous week it has been!  Students have been more engaged, parents haven’t been happier and I believe our data will show it. To quote a parent “This is better than parent portal, Meego® puts you in the classroom.” As students continue to upload their work to Meego® (and prefer it to Google Drive), they are able to quickly access and present their work to the classes. Thank you for lending your incredible energy and insight, talents and experience to this venture!  We couldn’t be prouder or more satisfied!
Laura Penrod Stock, MPA, MSEDL
CEO, ProfolioED, LLC