Let’s face it, out-of-the-box Sharepoint needs help. It can do everything your organization needs from building your intranet, supporting communities, and more, but the user experience leaves too much room for organic failure to thrive. That’s where we come in.

  • Consultants average more than 10 years of experience in their areas of expertise and are all American with strong communication skills.
  • Lead with a user experience-driven approach to designing SharePoint sites so they make sense and look good to users.  We incorporate personas, user typology, prototyping, annotated wireframing, extensive CSS, and mobile solutions on the SharePoint platform
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of how to implement and deploy SharePoint solutions for highly regulated industries including government, financial services and biopharma
  • Microsoft partners who regularly contribute new ways of leveraging the SharePoint platform to Microsoft’s experts
  • Proven ability to implement robust SharePoint solutions that meet requirements through configuration and minimal custom development for reduced total cost of ownership
  • Extensive experience on all versions of SharePoint across multiple business domains
  • Development of SharePoint portal and intranet sites for collaboration, communication, content management and many other business solutions with a deep knowledge of the SharePoint capabilities
  • Collaboration and workspaces are central to the success of every business today. We have extensive expertise in leveraging collaborative technology to help teams work better
  • Our solutions are founded on strong knowledge and information management principles designed to build institutional knowledge while enhancing productivity and reducing risk
  • Change management and training in information stewardship is essential to every implementation and we know what it takes to help your organization take full advantage of enterprise collaborative solutions like SharePoint


User Experience Design & Theming

Enterprise Portals & Intranets

Collaboration Workspaces

Information & Data Management

Change Management


Limina engaged Cognizant to envision and design a unified business information management system for a large multinational consultancy. Our solution included user research, business strategy, and systems integration UX for global practice management and information sharing with a complex security model and a highly innovative way for people across many divisions of the company to collaborate and communicate. Deployed SharePoint 2013 and Yammer with an initial deployment to 10,000 users distributed globally. The entire solution was built using out of the box capabilities while delivering a solution that that overcame SharePoint look and feel challenges.

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The National Credit Union Administration engaged Limina to conceptualize, design and implement a series of transformational Intranet sites to enable collaboration, communication and enterprise content management with an initial deployment to over 1,500 users. We implemented online and offline sync solutions to support auditors in the field with low to no internet access. Our solution combined SharePoint 2013 Publishing Sites, Team Sites, Community Sites, Community Portals and Search Sites with out of the box configuration that resulted in a system that transcends SharePoint.

Limina designed and implemented an Intranet and Extranet based on Sharepoint 2013 on Office 365 cloud deployment. The solution included an implementation that supported FDA Validation and implementation of policies for discoverability, information management and security needed to support a commercial pharmaceutical business. Implementation consisted of SharePoint 2013 on Office 365 Team Sites, Publishing Sites and MySites with complete rebranding. The entire solution was configuration only with no custom code.

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Our team designed and built a leading Commodities Exchange Company’s Sharepoint 2013 Intranet including a main site, department sites and a full branding of SharePoint including MySites. The solution consisted of a series of site templates that could be easily deployed and managed centrally with distributed content management and contribution. We designed, implemented and deployed the solution including knowledge transfer and technical training. Implementation consisted of Team Sites, Publishing Sites and MySites with complete rebranding. The entire solution was configuration only with no custom code.

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We designed and developed a Customer Management and Professional Services Automation solution to support sales and operations for a medium sized consulting company. The solution consisted of mostly out of the box configuration with several custom solutions integrated into MySites to support skills management and the ability for people to be searched for by experience, skill level and availability. The solution also supported end-user management of dynamic resume generation and skills management as well as all elements of sales collaboration including template and document/contract management. Implementation consisted of SharePoint 2013 Team Sites, Publishing Sites and MySites.

We build SharePoint sites that facilitate vibrant online communities, enterprise content management, automated workflows, project collaboration, and knowledge management – ensuring a useful, usable, and valuable implementation.

If you’re ready to build a Sharepoint site to last, let’s connect.

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