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Change management strategy is essential to every project – it helps ensure that your organization and customers are prepared for the adjustments in roles, processes, and tools/products impacted by the project.  By taking a human-centered change management approach, you can ensure that the needs of your employees, customers, and critical stakeholders are addressed through every business transformation.

Limina uses a variety of approaches to manage the change. All are focused on maximizing engagement, adoption, and support. We plan to ensure sufficient time to “show you, guide you, and support you,” noting that all change management should be catered to specific audiences to increase the likelihood that your changes will stick.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Role Definition & Management

  • Staffing
  • Communication Planning
  • Tranining

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Governance Definition
  • Training Strategy and Delivery
  • Communication Strategy and Delivery

Limina's change management curve

We’ll help identify opportunities for change management and provide a framework for continuous learning and improvement through all new customer, user, and employee experience transformations.

change management facts

Industry analysts agree, Change Management is a critical success factor for business transformation.

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