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The Performance Improvement Council (PIC) is a US Government-wide body that supports cross-agency collaboration and best practice sharing, was established under Executive Order 13450 in 2007 and codified in law under the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010. The PIC is chaired by the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget within the Executive Office of the President and is supported by a full-time staff at the General Services Administration. The Council meets regularly and convenes a number of government-wide working groups to foster dialogue and best practice sharing among agencies.


The Performance Improvement Council has been working across government agencies for several years without a web-presence to communicate their mission, organizational structure, and engagement methods. The web team was looking for contemporary leading edge – responsive-web presence with a content management platform they could take ownership of.  


Limina met with the key project stakeholder teams to understand the content inventory and desired functionality for the website. We reviewed any existing brand-definition and collateral that had been produced prior to their migration to the web.

By contrast to many .Gov properties, did not have a dense amount of content and was a “ground up” effort.  The design objective for the site was to create a fresh, inviting and fun experience for visitors.  We worked with the content creators and management from the PIC to finalize their information architecture.  To aid in Drupal site architecture, we identified and called-out page templates and sections in our IA.


We designed a working logo to represent a Government Council whose mission is to improve best practices across federal agencies. Additionally, we established the color palette and web-style guide for the new brand through mood-boards and visual concepts.  

We moved quickly into drafting layouts for web, tablet, and mobile devices to demonstrate how the site would render in a responsive views. Our Axure prototype demonstrated how the layouts would change depending on the device. From there, we built a rapid prototype InvisionApp to demonstrate the full navigation, page template types, and UI elements.


Behind the design work, our UX Lead in partnership with Promet and EAS catalogued the backlog in Jira, selected the Drupal distribution, built custom content types, coded up the responsive Drupal theme layer, and deployed the solution to the test environment.  Here, the web team could take over content administration and familiarize themselves with the content entities and page templates.

Once we had full sign off, the site was launched.  The whole effort was completed in under two months.


Being a new .Gov property, we were able to lead with a mobile first responsive website that conveys the Performance Improvement Council’s forward leaning mission.