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Embracing all users and meeting accessibility requirements through inclusive digital solutions

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eAccessibility, or digital accessibility, isn’t just a compliance requirement; it’s a powerful tool for growth, innovation and inclusion

Did you know that leveraging accessible solutions improves user experience for all users, strengthens SEO performance, and drives innovation?

Limina offers a holistic approach to digital accessibility, encompassing a range of eAccessibility services. These include creating eAccessibility strategies, conducting thorough accessibility audits, remediating web and document accessibility issues, delivering VPATs/ACRs, offering training, and delivering accessible interface design and development.

In today’s interconnected world, eAccessibility isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s necessary. Partner with us to make your digital presence accessible, inclusive, and beneficial for your organization and all users.

Areas of Expertise

  • eAccessibility strategy
  • eAccessibility Audits
  • Web and Document Remediation

  • Training
  • Accessible Design and Development


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Screenshots of the eAccessibility planning workbook showing how to capture asset and screen counts, accessibility glossary and more

Download Limina's free eAccessibility Effort Planning Tool

Crafting an effective eAccessibility work request can be difficult without having digital accessibility expertise. We created the eAccessibility Effort Planning Workbook to simplify the process, helping you gather essential information needed to understand the extent of audit and remediation work your organization needs to ensure your digital content is accessible.

Digital accessibility Planning Tool