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Great user experiences are based on great research.

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Exploratory research is vital to developing quality products and services. If you’re looking for an unfair strategic advantage, it lives in the details of knowing who your products and services support, how they think and feel, and when, why, and where they need you makes all the difference.

Our first step is to help you gain a deep understanding of your users, including their needs, goals, pain points, behaviors, and environment. We use various methods and technologies customized to your unique situation to connect with your users. We also utilize inclusive and accessible recruiting practices to ensure you gain the insights into all your users’ experiences that you need.

Are you looking to build engagement with developers, or other stakeholder groups? Include their participation in research sessions and insight readouts. What about working across multiple vendors? We can lead and guide your organization to adopt research-driven best practices even when collaborating with outside partners. We help you build the critical exploratory research processes and touchpoints you need. 

Areas of Expertise

Exploratory research utilizes a wide range of research methods that span from usability testing to insight strategy and management.

  • Contextual inquiry
  • User interviews
  • Card sorting

  • Generative Surveys 
  • Journals/Diary Studies
  • Journey Mapping

  • Field Studies
  • Insight strategy and management

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Exploratory research insights are extremely valuable and will help your team focus on producing meaningful results that can build brand loyalty and give you a competitive edge.

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