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Information Architecture Design

Examples of information architecture deliverables including a detailed site map, an interaction model diagram, a content integration plan for a CMS and a conceptual user flow.

Users want to quickly and easily find what they want when interacting with a digital product, website, or application. That’s why we specialize in creating a solid information architecture design from the ground up to meet these user expectations and deliver a seamless user experience.

A vital component of a successful user interface (UI) is a well-built structural foundation and scaffolding in the form of information architecture (IA). IA is both an art and a science, aligning information organization and hierarchy with users’ mental models and business goals. Our skilled information architects at Limina define and guide teams in building extensible site structures, intuitive navigation, and user pathways that support their tasks, creating a framework and information systems that enable a positive user experience.

Areas of Expertise

Information architecture requirements gathering

Navigation architecture design

Interaction modeling

Workflow/user flow definition and design

Interaction modeling diagram that shows how different screen areas can connect to provide browse pathways beyond the navigation

A truly intuitive experience requires an understanding of the users’ mental model and then reflecting that back to the user through the navigation and available browse pathways.

Featured Work

Desktop and mobile examples of FWS.gov navigation design and structure

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Information architecture, navigation and user flow redesign

Improving usability and findability for the public while providing a consistent organizational structure that enables multiple websites to become one.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Navigation and IA updates based on usability test

Addressing usability findings with updated information architecture, navigation, and taxonomy to reflect the mental model of users while elevating the findability of high-value content the users were unaware of.

Desktop and mobile device showing AAMC.org homepage with updated navigation


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