Icon of a wireframe and high-fidelity mockup

User Interface (UI) Design

Engaging users with intuitive and innovative experiences

Collage of UI design activities and deliverables including wireframes, visual direction setting, high-fidelity mockups, etc.

Organizations want their sites, applications, and products to engage and inspire users. We partner with and empower teams to create systematic, extensible experiences that do just that.

Whether it’s a brand new digital property or a redesign, our UI design process is structured from the requirements up, prioritizing business and user goals while applying UX best practices. From direction setting to interaction modeling and mockup creation, we bring our deep experience to provide your team with innovative, human-centered solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Areas of Expertise


  • UI design requirements gathering
  • Digital brand research

Design Planning

  • Visual direction setting
  • Interaction modeling and flow definition
  • Wireframing


  • Design work management
  • Screen mockups
  • Visual asset production
  • Prototyping


  • UX QA
  • Design system contribution prep

Statebook UI redesign including style tiles, and high-fidelity mockups for desktop and mobile

A user interface is a medium through which users interact with an experience, product, or device. Your mobile screen, the automated checkout kiosks at grocery stores, the keyboard on your laptop, and the way Alexa responds to your voice are all examples of user interfaces.

Featured Work

Avid.com extensible redesign system


A systematic screen, template and component redesign

Planning, managing and executing site-wide customer experience advancement through user research-led redesign, and a holistic and extensible approach to template and component redesign.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Digital transformation and website redesign

Unifying and modernizing 650 separate websites and web services into one extensible site with a consistent user experience by creating scalable, repeatable UI components, templates, and user flows.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife service website redesigned homepage on desktop and mobile


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A browser screen with a strategic play, like for football strategies.

Expert UX Evaluation

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User Research

Icon of a monitor screen with a cursor hovering over content; item one has a checkmark and the next item has an "x."

Usability Testing

Icon of an open book with content, to-dos, not to-dos, and a flag.

Design Operations Setup

Icon of master content with three sub pieces connected in a diagram.

Content Architecture

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