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Evaluative Research

Benchmark and measure how usable your products are or how much they improved.

evaluative research outputs and outcomes

Evaluative research is all about getting your product or service into the hands of real users and feeding learning back to the team so they can continue to iterate confidently with valuable user insights.

There are multiple ways to test the effectiveness of your solution, and you can get started before any code is written. You can test navigation models and critical workflows in the wireframe stage with evaluative research. The sooner you get your ideas in front of users, the sooner you will know what’s working and what isn’t. Our team will help you define the proper testing cadence, select the most appropriate method, and get the insights you need. 

Areas of Expertise

Evaluative research utilizes a mixed method of research skills that span from usability testing to insight strategy and management.

  • Navigation Model (Tree) Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Evaluative Surveys
  • User Feedback Audit
  • Accessability Evaluation
  • Journal/Diary Studies
  • Insight strategy and management
user insights from Limina's evaluative research

Our user insights reveal qualitative and quantitative metrics in our comprehensive research reports.  Whether it’s from our evaluative research of any of our other user research and testing engagements, your team will have access to the raw data in our insight repository or can work directly from the report.


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